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I offer deeply relaxing and healing reflexology treatments that are bespoke to each client based on their health profile and what they'd like to get out of each session.

In the first treatment there will be a short wellbeing consultation at the start, where we will go through your consultation form that you completed prior to your appointment. We will also discuss any areas of your health you would like me to focus on during your treatment. I am here to create a safe environment to listen to you and understand how best I can help you.

Course of treatments

Reflexology has an accumulative affect, so to reap all of the healing benefits, or if there is a particular health concern you would like me to focus on, it is best to have a course of treatments. This can look different for everyone, depending on what is feasible for each client. I recommend a treatment once a week for 5 or 6 consecutive weeks to start with, as by then you will usually have a good idea if reflexology is making a positive difference to you. From there, some clients continue with weekly treatments, some go to fortnightly, some monthly and others pop back as and when they feel they need a boost of wellbeing and support.

One-off treatment

Reflexology can be a wonderful one-off treatment to have. It can ground and calm the nervous system, promote better sleep and improve your sense of wellbeing in just one session.

Foot reflexology

Reflexology on the feet nourishes your body, mind and soul. By massaging the sensitive nerve endings in the feet it sends messages of healing around the entire body. I will work to gently untie any knots of tension I find in any of the reflexes on your feet, which over time can improve the circulation of nutrients and the removal of waste from your body. Reflexology can help to unlock a sense of inner calm that we all have deep inside, which may not have been accessed in a while, if ever before.


My foot reflexology treatments are 60 minutes long. You only need to remove your shoes and socks before laying back on the massage bed and getting comfortable. During the treatment I will use an unscented natural balm on your feet, I also have a vegan alternative if you would prefer that. Reflexology is a holistic treatment which means that in each session the whole body is treated on the feet. I will pay extra attention to the areas and systems of the body that were discussed in our consultation. Foot reflexology is special in that it can evoke a wholesome sense of feeling centred after treatment, as energy is drawn down from the busy mind and into the body. 


Facial reflexology

Advanced facial reflexology is a deeply restorative experience that focuses on massaging reflex points on the face to help bring the entire body into harmony. I have been trained in the award winning Bergman Method, which draws on a combination of Native American techniques and Asian body maps. The face is a beautiful tool to read what is going on in the body's systems, organs and glands. It's close proximity to the brain and cranial nerves make facial reflexology very effective at connecting to the neuro-pathways, opening them, and sending almost instant waves of relaxation through the body. 


Facial reflexology also has the added magnificent side effect of a radiant, firmer and more glowing complexion, even after just one treatment. I use a gentle unscented grapeseed oil on the face which provides many benefits to the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Facial reflexology can help people with many conditions including migraines, Bell's palsy and bruxism (teeth grinding). 


I offer 60 minute and 30 minute facial reflexology treatments.


Hand reflexology

The hands also contain reflexes of the body which are mapped in a very similar way to the reflexes on the feet. Hand reflexology has the wonderful benefit of being highly accessible (no need to take off your socks and shoes) and can also act as an alternative if the feet are not available for whatever reason. Some say that because the hands are closer to the heart, hand reflexology has more of an emotional healing impact than foot reflexology. Hand reflexology is also a beautiful therapy for you to give yourself at home, and can be brilliant at relieving stress, anxiety and the impact of various health conditions.


I offer hand reflexology as a stand alone 30 minute treatment or it can be added onto any other treatment of your choosing.

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Baby/Child reflexology

I am a qualified Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner, having trained with Sue Ricks, a pioneer in the field of baby and children reflexology. The benefits of reflexology for babies and children are endless.  By stimulating different reflex points on the hands or the feet, it encourages babies and children to relax, whilst bringing balance to specific parts of the body. 


The light, intuitive touch used in Gentle Touch reflexology means that it is suitable for newborn babies, poorly children and those with complex needs. Reflexology can provide support and assistance for a wide range of conditions and situations. It can help to improve sleep, reduce irritability, calm physical discomforts, improve self esteem and soothe through puberty and exam stress.  

Sometimes purely a simple treatment is all that is required to make a difference for the child. Other times a series of treatments allows for the gradual unfolding and healing of whatever is presenting. Receiving a Gentle Touch reflexology treatment can feel to the child as if they are being 'held'. If the child is unwell or struggling emotionally then a caring touch through the feet can be deeply calming for them.  

I carefully adapt each treatment to suit the age, development and needs of every child, but as a general guide:

Baby and toddler treatments are 20-30 minutes long.

Child (4-12 years old) treatments are 30-45 minutes long.

Teenager treatments are 60 minutes long.

I have an up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate. 


Delighted to answer any questions you may have.
Please get in touch.

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